PhotoScape Version 3.7 Free

A free and nearly perfect alternative for Adobe Photoshop offering a variety of filters and effects

PhotoScape is the answer to the question: 'why the heck isn’t there a free version for Photoshop?'
PhotoScape may not offer the same extensive variety of filters and tools as Photoshop does, but as mentioned, it's free. And to be honest about it, if you hadn’t known about Adobe Photoshop, it's very likely that PhotoScape would have been chosen as the best photo processing software program as far as you were concerned.
It combines several photo editing and processing tools that together save users from downloading several separate software programs:
- Photo viewer, including slideshows viewing
- Photo editing – an enormous assortment of advanced filters and tools, including a batch editor
- Screen capture
- Photo conversion – convert JPG into RAW and vise versa
It includes anything a photography enthusiast might want or need:
- Enhance photos that didn’t turn out quite as good as you've planned
- Advanced photo printing (several photos within the same page, etc.)
- Apply various filters on photos (like Instagram but with much greater diversity)
- Format converter (including RAW format support)
- Face recognition (a familiar technology to those who use Picasa)
- Adding graphic elements to photos such as titles, texts, illustrations, etc.
It supports a wide range of languages and it's completely free.
Users come first